The school curriculum has been evolved to ensure an enriching learning experience. It is based on the national pattern of education and is designed as per CBSE guidelines. The school holds classes from lower kindergarten up to senior secondary stage with english as the medium of instruction and offers Arts and Science subjects along with Computer Science. G. K. and Moral Education form an essential part of the school curriculum. With a focus on quality education, classroom teaching is interactive and is effectively supported by multimedia teaching aids. To maintain an ideal standard, ratio between teacher and taught is kept within reasonable limits.

Formative Years
Learning can be fun and lively environment, vibrant colours and interactive walls depicting the three realms of earth; land, air and water not only spell magic but also contribute to the evolutionary process.

The Playroom has been specially designed keeping in mind the child’s requirements. Here they learn to share and care with their peer group and enhance their creative potential.

Pre-Primary School

Primary School

Middle School

Secondary Section

The commendable performance of our students year after year is a testimony to the same.

Senior Secondary Section…………

[1] Medical Stream

[2] Non-Medical Stream

[3] Commerce Stream

To usher the students into a new world and enable them to find their true bearings, career orientation workshops are organized where the much needed guidance is provided. Our students have done us proud by getting placements in the leading professional colleges both in the region and other parts of the globe.