“Yoga is not a work-out it is a work-in, and this is the
point of spiritual practice to make us teachable to open
up our hearts and focus our awareness so that we can
know what we already know and be who we already
International Yoga Day is observed every year on June
21 to raise awareness about this ancient practice and to
celebrate the physical and spiritual prowess that yoga
has brought to the world. Yoga is a physical, mental and
spiritual practice. It plays an important role in relaxing
the mind and body and boosting people’s immune
We at Shivalik Public School, Phase-6 Mohali,
celebrated International Yoga Day with great
enthusiasm under the able guidance of worthy Director
Mr. DS Bedi.
YoungShivalikians actively participated in an interactive
session on the occasion of International Yoga Day on
21st June, 2023, with great enthusiasm to promote “Har
Aangan Yoga”under the theme ‘Yoga for Vasudhaiva
Kutumbakam’.Practice of the same was continued on
19th and 20thJune, 2023. On the day of International
Yoga Day i.e. on 21st June, 2023, an enthralling session
with demonstrations was held which beautifully captures
our shared aspiration for “One Earth, One Family, and One
Future.”.Enthusiast participated in the event, it included
NCC Cadets of 3 PUNJAB (I) COY NCC Ropar, NSS
Volunteers and students from classes VI to XII. Yoga
session was taken up by Yoga instructor Mr
Shehanshah Rathi.They demonstrated various yoga 
asanas like suryanamaskar, tadasana,varjasana,
bhujangasana, alum-vilom and  meditation session.The
event was well received by the students and they were
encouraged to think about their physical, mental and
spiritual health.