Shivalik Public School-78 embraced the luminous spirit of Gurupurab During Guru Nanak jayanti celeb

"Prabhati Sakhi Surati Kamani. Guru Nanak Dev Ji's manifestation is light."

This line signifies the spiritual awakening brought by the appearance of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. It means the dawn breaks, and the night of darkness is dispelled; Gurunanak Dev Ji appears and spreads the divine light."

Shivalik Public School-78 embraced the luminous spirit of  gurupurab during Guru Nanak Jayanti celebration and celebrated it with unbridled zeal and unity.

On this auspicious day Students and faculty members came together to pay homage to the Guru Sahib, focusing on his teachings of equality, service to humanity and spiritual guidance.

Students recited hymns.

As a part of celebration, teachings and preaching of Guruji were shared with the students and a quiz was conducted.

The celebration of Guru Nanak Jayanti was a momentous occasion, enlightening students about the rich heritage and values propagated by Gurunanak Dev Ji, encouraging them to embody these teachings in their lives and emphasizing the importance of living in harmony, serving community and contribute positively to society.