INSET Program

As NEP recommends continuous professional development of teachers for self improvement to learn the latest innovations and advances in the teaching profession. At Shivalik Public Schools , Our Worthy Director Sir also believes that In - Service Training encourages the teachers to deepen their knowledge of subject matter, to improve teaching skills & build their confidence . So an INSET program was held for 10 days for in-service training of the teachers from 27 May -7th June ,2023. On 5th June,23 Sps 78, teachers got the opportunity to host the session under the guidance of Dr. Rupinder Brar , principal Sps 78 where in, we started with the blessings of almighty. A new approach to story telling was narrated by our worthy principal ma'am. Further we moved to guest lectures by the eminent speakers. Moving further, various NEP domains were delivered by our faculty members in a very structuted and mindful way. which gave us an overview of the policy. The programme was concluded by National Anthem.