Demonstration and Evaluation Programme – Grade- Nursery – Marigold

The little stars of Shivalik Public School, Sector 78, (Nursery – Marigold) dazzled everyone with their incredible talent and knowledge during Demonstration and Evaluation Program held on 13, Sept, 2023 The event, held at the school's premises, was a testament to the holistic learning approach followed by the school. The program showcased the exceptional development and understanding of various subjects by the young learners. Parents were in awe of how these tiny tots confidently presented their skills and knowledge and they were overjoyed to see their children perform so well. The teachers played a pivotal role in nurturing these young minds. The event left everyone with a sense of pride and admiration for the budding talents of the Nursery students. Shivalik Public School's commitment to excellence in education was on full display, setting a benchmark for future programs and showcasing the bright future ahead for these young learners.