Demonstration and Evaluation Programme – Grade- Nursery Jasmine

 Exciting Showcase of Learning at Shivalik Public School - Nursery Jasmine 
The little ones at Shivalik Public School, Sector 78, showcased mesmerizing demonstration program that left everyone in awe. The event showed the incredible growth, learning, and creativity that our budding scholars have achieved over the past months. It was heartwarming to see our tiny tots confidently recite poems, count numbers, and share their knowledge. Their enthusiasm for learning truly shines through. The little stars put on delightful dance and music performances that had us tapping our feet and clapping our hands in joy. Their energy was infectious! Parents had the opportunity to gain insights into their child's development and educational journey. We are immensely proud of our Nursery Jasmine students for their dedication and hard work. Thank you, dear parents, for your unwavering support and trust in Shivalik Public School. Together, we are nurturing the leaders of tomorrow!