Brain Training & Enhancement Programme

A building tour is one of the traditional activities for kindergarten students to help them feel comfortable in the school. At Sps-78 we planned a school tour for nursery class , where children peeped into all the rooms of the school & thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

On August 5th, 2023, a specialized Brain Training & Enhancement Programme took place at Shivalik Public School-78 Mohali, in collaboration with India Skill Lab Mohali. The event focused on introducing students to advanced Memorizing Techniques, aiming to elevate their cognitive abilities. The session incorporated engaging activities including Zumba, Aerobics, and Yoga. A unique exercise involved students identifying the color of a star through smell, with their eyes closed, promoting enhanced brain imagination. The event proved to be a blend of enjoyment and enrichment, offering students a valuable opportunity to boost their brainpower in a creative and interactive manner.