13 April, 2019

13th April brought twin joys to everyone connected with Shivalik Public School, Mohali. The day witnessed celebrations of Baisakhi and the school’s 49th Founder’s Day.

First of all the celebrations were initiated with the religious fervour to celebrate the Baisakhi which coincided  with the  ‘Sangrand’ of the month ‘Baisakh’. The religious congregation was organised in the hostel mess where all the students put in their best to make this function a success by setting an example of discipline and perseverance. The school students recited shabads swaying everybody into the spirituality and devotion.  Then the venue of the celebrations shifted to the Multi Sports Complex where the School Flag was unfurled by the Honourable Director, Shivalik Public Schools, Mr D S Bedi  which was followed by an impressive smart Marchpast. The third phase of the celebrations was organised in the state of the art, the school auditorium. It was the great cultural extravaganza, a fruition of a collective dream that all Shivalikians had all tirelessly worked to execute. The celebrations began with the recital of the school shabad  ‘Deh Shiva Bar Mohe Ihe’ followed by a tribute to the Jallianwal Bagh Massacre  through a presentation, poetic recitation and a short skit.

Then the hearts and minds were filled with pride when a  nostalgic PowerPoint Presentation on the school’s glorious past : ‘ A Journey from sweet memories (1970)  to Shivalik – A  Trendsetter in Education was showcased which  showcased  the strides taken by the school during the last 49 years.

It was a spectacular celebration, a delightful medleys of foot tapping music and stunning visuals, spectacular dances and thought provoking presentations, poetic recitation and speeches.
The whole school came alive with the brilliant performances presented by the students. .There were spectacular dance performances by the students and the melodious songs sung by the students set the mood of each and every one present in the school auditorium . Children ,dressed up in attractive attires, participated whole heartedly and tapped the floor of the stage  to the dancing tunes. This spread sparkling smile on one and all viewers.

The assembly concluded with a resplendent and energetic Punjabi folk dance performance that made a truly spirited stage! The aim behind the celebrations was to appraise the students of their rich culture and heritage.

Worthy Director, Shivalik Public Schools, Mr D S Bedi congratulated the staff and the students mentioning that ,’Punjabi culture has a rich tradition and such festivities are the reasons that give us an opportunity to present the beautiful form of Punjab. He wished everyone ‘Happy Founder’s Day’ and Happy Baisakhi’. Cherishing the memories of the Founder’s Day, he said that foundation stone of Shivalik was laid 49 years ago on this day by five studens amidst recitation of Gurbani, The curtain on the function came down with the singing of the National Anthem and later with the distribution of sweets among the students.