The School building have been engineered strictly adhering to the standards. Following are some of the salient features of the infrastructure.


Multipurpose Hall

The Multipurpose Hall is a space in the centre of the school. It has several uses. Numerous celebrations, social occasions, competitions, indoor games, drama, music, debates, morning assemblies, and other intellectual and artistic activities are all carried out in MPH.



Every room in the school has natural diffused light to come in from both sides of the room. Wall-to-wall windows on opposite sides of every classroom allow cross ventilation, helping to circulate copious amounts of air in the room and cool down the temperatures during summer. All the classrooms are equipped with a smart boards to enhance student learning. All classrooms have a high speed internet connection so that the teachers can access the net and use interesting material in their lessons.


Kindergarten playroom

The Kindergarten playroom is filled with engaging, interactive toys that aid in the growth of the preschool children's psycho-motor and creative abilities. Students like playing games that help them develop their gross motor skills by using swings, slides, seesaws, trampolines, and other entertaining equipment.



There are more than the required number of toilets on each floor and they are maintained to a high standard. Boys and girls have separate toilets. The School believes that healthy children in a hygienic environment produce high learning output. Thus, the School focusses on providing a healthy learning environment by:

    - Provision of facilities needed for sanitation, such as clean lavatories, toilets, hand-washing.

   - Provision of Personal and Environmental Hygiene Education in the curriculum to develop skills,   attitudes and knowledge for effective hygiene.

   - Organizing personal and environmental hygiene awareness programs.

   - The school has a dedicated sickroom with first aid supplies and basic medicines.

Drinking water

For the purpose of providing the kids with clean, safe water, the school has a reverse osmosis mineral water plant. Each floor of the school has a sufficient number of taps placed at various locations so that students can access water at the closest location.Every child and staff member has access to cool purified water through a water cooler on each floor.



The library offers a wealth of educational resources. In its spacious reading area, which is home to a  diverse  collection of books, magazines and newspapers, students can read books to pick up new words and build their own dictionaries. The library's materials are all organised. A knowledgeable   librarian is always available in library.


Sports field

A well-maintained sports field caters for many sporting  activities.This field is used daily for physical  exercises, during games periods and for various competitions.


Safe School

Creating and maintaining a safe learning environment is one of the primary concerns of the School.    The School takes great pride in having already implemented the Safe School concept  by setting up    a safety and emergency preparedness  framework.Cameras are installed for proper surveillance.


Bus service

Our bus is equipped with essential safety features, including child restraints for the front seats, tooth guards, guard rails, semi-sliding windows and anti-skid floors. The exterior of each bus is painted a bright golden yellow to enhance visibility at night and in foggy weather conditions. Our bus driver is under the age of fifty and   has a minimum of five years’ experience in driving heavy vehicles. The  bus can be  tracked at all times through the APP.